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Vision Tip October 2013: Blindspots

Most people are aware that they have "blindspots"--both metaphorical and physical.

Did you know that failing to account for motion induced blindpots is the cause of many auto accidents?

When you drive at a high speed, if you fix your gaze steadily on the road straight ahead, you may not see a car, a scooter, a buggy, a bicycle, a deer or even a human being approaching from the side.


Now reverse the situation. If you are crossing a road on foot and you see a speeding car approaching, there's a good chance that the driver doesn't see you.  The driver may not be using his or her peripheral vision, and you may be in that "blind spot."


 Click on the link below for a demonstration of motion induced blindness.


You will see a revolving array of blue crosses on a black background. There is a flashing green dot in the center and three fixed yellow dots around it. If you fix your gaze on the green dot for more than a few seconds, the yellow dots will disappear at random, either singly, or in pairs, or all three together. In reality, the yellow dots are always there.

If you keep the yellow dots in your peripheral vision by opening your visual focus, the yellow dots will not disappear.


Remember to use your peripheral vision as a driver and as a pedestrian and be safe!

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Dr. Larry A. Jebrock