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Orthokeratology – Natural Lasik Alternative

"It’s a miracle to me that I do not have to wear contact lenses or glasses during the day"
– Sonia

"I also know about five people who have had the laser surgery done, and three of them have problems" – Carol

We offer comprehensive Orthokeratology treatment at our Novato eye care clinic for residents of Novato, San Rafael,  Santa Rosa and the San Francisco bay area.  What is Ortho-K? Orthokeratology, commonly called Ortho-K, is a non-surgical treatment  used to improve and restore eyesight in cases of nearsightedness, astigmatism and recently for farsightedness and reading difficulty. It involves wearing specifically designed “retainer style” contact lenses that gently mold the corneas into a more normal shape for optimal vision.

These “vision retainers” are worn while you sleep. Upon awakening, you remove your retainer lenses and you can see clearly or even perfectly without any lenses, all day long. The retainer lenses are then worn again at prescribed intervals (usually nightly.) Ortho-K retainers help improve your eyes just like braces help your teeth. . Ortho-K contact lenses are generally very comfortable while sleeping and there is a dramatic vision improvement overnight. It usually takes two weeks for the retainers to achieve the maximum shaping effect and sharpest eyesight.  In some cases it is necessary to make additional modifications to the Ortho-K contact lenses, which may require more time.  In addition, we teach you a series of eye exercises that you can do at  home to further improve clarity, flexibility of focus, and vision power. 

NO Surgery – NO Glasses: Ortho-K as an alternative to Lasik

Orthokeratology (precision corneal molding) is a non-surgical treatment commonly used to improve and restore eyesight in cases of nearsightedness, astigmatism and recently for farsightedness and reading difficulty. Orthokeratology may be a better choice than Lasik surgery for the following reasons:

Ortho-K Corneal Reshaping LASIK Corneal Reshaping
Virtually zero damaged vision. Vision permanently worsened in some patients.
Less invasive. Highly Invasive.
Completely reversible. Non-reversible.
Safely allows for vision far away & close up. Often causes worsening reading vision (presbyopia)
Approved for children. Not approved for children.
Completely eliminates need for glasses in 80% of patients. Glasses still needed part-time by 80% of patients.
Stops or slows progression of myopia Does not stop or slow progression of myopia
Minimal side-effects (comparable to side-effects of wearing contact lens) Side effects may include night vision disturbances, dry eyes from corneal nerve damage, haloes or starbursts around lights, and corneal infection.
May be used on patients with thin corneas. Patients with thin corneas not good candidates.