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Patient Reviews

Don't take our word about our exceptional customer service. We have a reputation that speaks for itself. As you can see, our patients report rave reviews about our vision services.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Larry Jebrock for about five years. At the time I started working with him, I had difficulty seeing and I had to wear glasses and never had success with contact lenses.
After a few treatment sessions with Dr. Jebrock I was in vision therapy learning how to strengthen the muscles in my eyes so I could control my own ability to see better.
I threw away my glasses and replaced them with contact lenses that reshaped the surface of my eye; like braces for the eyeballs. It was amazing how quick my eyes responded to this help and I realized that years of regular corrective lenses had actually contributed to a weakness in my eyes rather than helping me strengthen weak muscles and lack of understanding how to focus.
Now that I have stronger muscles and that I know how to focus by myself, I can see better, both with my corrective lenses and without them. I have healthier eyes and I know better how to keep my sight working for my own purposes.
I can't speak highly enough of this practice; anyone who's willing to put effort behind this approach will gain benefit. I also want to say that our results were even better than we expected. That has to do with technical issues about my eyes that are unique to my case, but it should give hope to people who have problems with their eyes or who've had difficult corrections to cope with over the years. Here's to good vision." - Ann Stedler
"Wow, this has been the most incredible procedure that I've been through. I've been working with Dr. Jebrock for several years, working with just contacts and different styles and different ways, and then here my eyes get to be pressbyopic because of my age with no way of really correcting that until Dr. Jebrock came up with a new system that I guess was out and he was able to perform and I've been working with him and it is wonderful. I do not have to wear glasses to see out in the world, and I don't have to wear glasses to read anymore and I'm 74. I just pop the lenses in every night and I am good. It has created much freedom in my life around wearing glasses or putting drops in during the day, etcetera, I'm just very excited with the work that I've done with Dr. Jebrock and basically he has stayed with it throughout making corrections doing his testing, as well as listening to my experience with it and I can't say enough positive things about how he works and how I have experienced him." - Hal
"I just want to say how amazing it's been for me to be with this Orthokeratology. I think I started the process about eight or nine years ago, I was very near-sighted, and contact lenses weren't working well for me anymore, I couldn't see things up close. I even considered the laser surgery, but I didn't want to do anything that drastic. So over the years that I've been involved with this, the technology has changed, its more comfortable, now what I do is wear contact lenses maybe two, three nights, and then I take a night off, and I just have perfectly clear vision all day long. And it's a miracle to me that I do not have to wear contact lenses or glasses during the day. I appreciate the thoroughness and the kindness and expertise and professionalism at Dr. Jebrock's office, and I'm glad to be a patient. My only complaint is that he's not closer by and that I have to travel to get there, so it's a big chunk of time when I do go for my appointment. But that's just the circumstances, so I'd also be happy to talk to anybody who's considering it because I really find that this is an amazing process and I feel it's very healthy and natural and I didn't do anything drastic or invasive to my body." - Sonia
"My name is Carol and I am from Novato, California, and I have to start out by saying the orthokeratology to my eyes was an absolute miracle. For many years I wore contact lenses I tried hard ones and soft ones and as usual discomfort in wearing them too long and dust under the lenses on windy days, and open car windows, and allergies and all that kind of thing, and not being able to get them out and blurry vision, I could go on and on as you probably know. I decided to try the eye exercise and I saw videos that were advertised, and I think I got through maybe the first tape and I gave up, and then when laser eye surgery came along I was really hopeful that this would be the solution for me, but being one to check out everything before I do it, of course, I checked on the internet and looked up everything I could, and discovered that there are no real long term studies for ill effects and even after laser surgery you might still need reading glasses or step bi-focals, the surgery could not be reversed, another surgery may be required, and then there are all the little complications like 20/20 doesn't always mean perfect vision and there's sensitivity to light, night vision problems, corneal scarring, just to name a few. I also know about five people who have had the laser surgery done, and three of them have problems like I said. So I decided I didn't want to have my eyes messed up but I had been wanting to see so clearly without wearing corrective lenses that I finally decided on the orthocarotology and I was concerned about it because I have dry eyes and I thought that's not going to work for me if I have to sleep with the lenses. So, I decided to give it a try, and I have to say it's amazing. I was not bothered by the dry eyes, I could see without correction the very next day, and even though I had to try a few different lenses until I got the ones that I have now, it only takes me a couple of minutes to deal with it. One minute to put them in at night, and one minute or less to take them out to clean them in the morning. So wearing the lenses all night has just been incredible for me and the thing that I cant imagine at all is why everyone who wants to be able to see clearly without going through the surgery on the corneas of the eyes, I just cant imagine why they wouldn't try the orthocarotology. I would like to see a lot more people exposed to this because I think a lot of people don't even know about it. So I've been doing this for quite some time now, and not only do I see clear all day without wearing contacts or glasses, the most exciting thing for me was to go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles and have corrective lenses taken off my driver's license. The other thing I have with my lenses is I can see the same all day long, it isn't better in the morning or worse at night, it's consistent all the way through and it's just been incredible. I also can't speak highly enough about Dr. Jebrock, he is absolutely the greatest! " - Carol
"After thirty-six years of glasses, I was being told to get ready for bifocals. I chose Orthokeratology. Within several months, I went from 20/200 to 20/20, and realized a life dream of shedding my glasses." - Anonymous
"I have perfect and natural vision throughout the day and evening without wearing lenses or glasses. I put my regular glasses away a long time ago and I don't know where they are. I was told by my previous doctor that my vision would only decrease throughout my lifetime. I really feel a sense of rejuvenation and exhilaration that I have reversed what I thought was an unchangeable progressive condition. I am now able to snow ski more safely with better vision and no longer require glasses. I can scuba dive more safely by using standard goggles and when I leave the water I can see where I am; also, I can walk along the beach in Hawaii without worrying about any contact lens discomfort." - Gene Van de Bittner
"Being able to see without daytime contacts or glasses had even improved my mood, especially at work. The work around me no longer had to pass through a filter before reaching me. Communication, understanding, patience has improved along with the eyesight." - Sian Thomas
"I don't have to wear glasses for sports. With glasses, I fell during cross country. Vision is much freer. If I didn't do this, I would have to buy contacts and glasses every year. Now I see clearly all day without any glasses or any contacts." - Carla Garcia
"I don't feel like I have crutches. It gives me more freedom and more balance." - Margaret Miller