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Larry A. Jebrock, O.D.

I have been or am affiliated with:
  • American Optometric Association
  • California Optometric Association
  • Marin County Optometric Society
  • National Eye Research Foundation
  • International Orthokeratology Society
  • Optometric Extension Program Foundation
  • International Myopia Prevention Association
  • Academy of Corrective Optometry
  • International College of Applied Nutrition
  • College of Syntonic Optometry
  • College of Optometrists in Vision Development
  • International Academy of Preventive Medicine
I am a board-certified licensed optometrist emphasizing non-surgical vision improvement and behavioral optometry. I received my Doctorate of Optometry degree from the Massachusetts College of Optometry in 1969. I was then appointed Chief of Vision Services at a U.S. Public Health Service hospital.
In 1971, I entered private practice, emphasizing preventive and corrective eye care. I have also been an instructor for the California Optometric Association in the field of orthokeratology, vision therapy, and nutrition. Additionally, I have made over 50 guest appearances on radio and television as a vision care expert. I have been a consultant for companies on the effects of prolonged use of computer and video display terminals on eyes and the vision system, and the importance of vision environment in the workplace.
In the last several years, I have worked intensively with "inner" vision as it relates to eyesight. I can teach you how to use imagery to improve the musculature of your eyes and processing of your vision.
My goal is to improve your performance in everyday life, as well as your safety, self esteem, and mental and physical comfort. I want to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable with clear, fast focusing ability; expanded perception; and maximum eyesight. As a vision specialist for over 28 years, I offer complete and comprehensive testing, diagnosis, and treatment in vision processing, eyesight, and eye health. Treatments utilized are the safest, most advanced, and scientifically proven techniques including: vision therapy, orthokeratology contact lens therapy (precision corneal molding without surgery), state of the art visual biofeedback, nutritional counseling, and color and light therapy.
Please don’t confuse my practice with other "see without glasses" approaches. I am a highly trained licensed behavioral optometrist who uses sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in conjunction with holistic integration of the emotional and psychological aspects of vision.