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Computer Screen Viewing Issues

Computer Vision in Novato

One of the unique and disturbing aspects of viewing a VDT is that words are constantly blinking on and off (60 times per second, too fast for you to notice) and appear to be located behind the screen upon which you are focused.
These circumstances create visual "confusion" and cause many operators to have mismatches between the focusing and aiming muscles of the eyes. The result is frequently experienced as varying degrees of eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck aches/backaches, light sensitivity, double vision, and/or after images.
Additionally, while the operator is attempting to focus and align his/her eyes correctly, the excessive muscular efforts can cause jumping or shifting of the screen characters, eye pain, irritability, depleted energy, and/or errors in thinking and mental processing.
Finally, continued prolonged focusing on the terminal can lead to loss of distance vision and/or intermittent blurring of vision due to eye muscle spasms.
Learn how to protect your eyes, save your vision, and restore your eyesight:
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  • Nutrition
Ask About our eye doctor's On-site Computer Vision Workshop and/or Screenings. Dr Jebrock serves individuals and families from Novato, Santa Rosa and San Rafael.