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Eyesight and Behavior

An Eye Exam in Novato May Be Needed If You Suffer From This…

Nearsightedness (poor distance vision) is commonly associated with spastic eye muscles, over-focusing and narrowed attention. Perceptually, many nearsighted people are highly externalized in their values, are high achievers, and are very detail conscious. Also, many nearsighted people have a feeling that they are "afraid" to see too clearly.
People with astigmatism have two different foci in the same eye and typically have very variable and blurred vision, since their focus shifts back and forth. They tend to have contracted eye movements and many times can feel excessive muscle tension when looking in different directions. Perceptually, astigmatics tend to be daydreamers and artists, always shifting in and out of present reality, with very active imaginations.
Farsighted people tend to look at the bigger picture and literally have a harder time looking at details, since it requires more energy for them to focus closely. They like to "push" things away, including reading material, project deadlines, and situations that make them feel closed in. Farsighted people tend to rely more on verbal skills and require more time to "see" things. They typically have to work harder to be organized.
To find out whether you suffer from one of these problems, you should have your eyes examined at our practice in Novato. If you live in Santa Rosa or San Rafael, we're just minutes away. Call (415) 897-9691 to book your next appointment.