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Optometrist Santa Rosa, CA

Optometrist Serving Santa Rosa, California

Our optometrist works near Santa Rosa.

When you need an optometrist in Santa Rosa, Dr. Larry A. Jebrock, O.D. Inc. is the clinic to choose for convenience and unique services that improve the health and strength of your eyes. Whether you need a pair of eyeglasses, your first comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor, or just want to enhance your vision naturally, you need an eye care clinic that meets your needs and is located conveniently to your home. Dr. Larry A.Jebrock O.D. is the optometrist in the Santa Rosa area that gives you what you want and need.

It’s easy to put off having an eye exam until you begin experiencing vision problems, but you should have an exam annually to make sure your eyes are working and healthy. Dr. Jebrock, our optometrist serving the Santa Rosa area, will be able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam and help your eyes function more strongly. Factors such as eye strain from working constantly with computers can lead to tired eyes, headaches, and somewhat diminished vision. Knowing how to combat these issues is a key part of Dr. Jebrock’s optometrist practice serving the Santa Rosa, CA area.

Even if your eyes aren’t strained, Dr. Jebrock can help you know what to do to enhance your vision at the clinic and in your home. One of the specialties is also correcting vision without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses, and especially without surgery such as LASIK. Our optometrist near Santa Rosa can help you figure out what is best for your eyes.

One treatment that patients find helpful is orthokeratology, a process in which the eye is reshaped over time to sharpen the vision. Because the procedure uses something like a contact lens, worn at night, to shape the eye, it can be a more preferable option for those who want to forego glasses, contact lenses, or even surgery altogether, but who may need some form of vision correction in order to drive or do other things. Ask our eye doctor serving Santa Rosa if this procedure is right for your eyes.

Optometry Near Santa Rosa, CA

In addition to the orthokeratology method, Dr. Jebrock offers the following:

  • Vision enhancement
  • Eye strain treatment
  • Consultations on improving your vision at home

Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam or want to improve your vision overall, Dr. Larry A. Jebrock O.D. Inc., our optometrist in the Santa Rosa area, is an easy place to reach when you want unique vision solutions and great care for your eyes.