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Reading and Learning Problems in Children and Adults–Testing and Treatment

Testing for Visually- Related Reading and Learning Problems

You or your child may have 20/20 eyesight but 0/0 vision!  Good eyesight is the ability to see clearly.  Good vision is the ability to identify, interpret, comprehend and act on what is seen, swiftly and accurately.

Routine vision tests frequently only measure eyesight.  They do not include specific tests that can reveal vision- related reading and learning problems.

In our Vision and Learning evaluation we assess vision skills that are important for school performance. These include:

  • Tracking–the ability to shift the eyes along a line of print.
  • Reversals–confusing letters
  • Eye teaming–using both eyes together at the same time
  • Focusing–maintaining clear and single vision, near and distance, for prolonged periods
  • Acuity defects–nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism

Treatment–Vision Therapy

These skills can be corrected and stregthened with Vision Therapy.  We offer in-office Vision Therapy, home exercises, and a combination of both.

All ages can benefit from Vision Therapy, from very young children to senior citizens.  Dr. Jebrock has worked extensively with both children and adults for over 40 years.

In Vision Therapy, individually designed exercises are prescribed for each patient by Dr. Jebrock. You learn to retrain your eye movement patterns, develop stronger focusing skills,  improve eye teaming, and better coordinate the eye-brain-body connection.   Perception, visualization, and multi-sensory integration are enhanced. Seeing, thinking, hearing, feeling, and movement are synchronized.

Vision Therapy helps people overcome reading, learning, and attentional disorders. It helps people conquer dyslexia, poor handwriting, memory problems, clumsiness, poor sports performance, vertigo, motion sickness, balance and coordination problems, confusion, disorientation, lack of confidence, and poor self esteem. Since a major cause of auto and industrial accidents is faulty vision processing, Vision Therapy can literally save your life.

Vision Therapy integrates physical, emotional, and perceptual aspects of  vision. It improves eyesight, deepens self understanding, stimulates healing, and improves performance in everyday life.